Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter USA 2012 – 105min.

Short description

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Action Fantasy Horror Thriller

Politically active when already a boy, young Abraham Lincoln (Benjamin Walker) also has a keen sense of equality and is disgusted by the treatment of slaves in America. When his mother is savagely killed by a vampire, Abraham soon realizes that his political ambition and his desire for vengeance are linked: trained by a vampire killer, he acquires a hatchet and goes after the bloodsuckers, who have come to enlarge the ranks of the Confederates during the Civil War and demand their own right to exist as living beings. And so the future president of the United States finds himself on a mission to save his people from the invasion of vampires.

Release date

German Switzerland: 3. October 2012

Romandie: 8. August 2012

Ticino: 18. July 2012



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