The Help India, United Arab Emirates, USA 2011 – 146min.

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The Help


When Skeeter Phelan (Emma Stone) comes home from college to find the family maid has left, she decides to interview the black women in service around town and find out what it's like to be «the help» in the Deep South. Easier said than done, as the civil rights movement is getting more dangerous by the day, her former classmates are bred-in-the-bone society racists and the black women who serve them could be killed if they talk openly about what goes on in the homes they work in.

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German Switzerland: 8. December 2011

Romandie: 2. November 2011

Ticino: 17. February 2012



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10 years ago

A really good movie with lots of suprises.


10 years ago

This movie is not what it looks like. Deep sotry and dramatic developed.


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