Midnight in Paris Spain, USA 2011 – 94min.

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Midnight in Paris

Comedy Romance

On a short trip to Paris, a young badly matched American couple whose only common ground seems to be getting married in the fall become disillusioned by their own lives as they become fascinated by the French capital. The Californian fiancé, a Hollywood screenwriter, imagines himself a novelist in the 1920’s as Paris works its magic; at the stroke of midnight every night he meets his idols, from Hemingway to Cole Porter, by way of Fitzgerald.

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German Switzerland: 18. August 2011

Romandie: 11. May 2011

Ticino: 2. December 2011



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10 years ago

fairly underwhelmed. great actors, but please, Woody, get over all that dreamy, embarrassing Americans in Europe bullshit...


10 years ago

Ghastly, boring, predictable, neurotic.... Kathy Bates was amazing as Gertrude Stein however...


10 years ago

What a great movie! Loved it!


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