Melancholia Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden 2011 – 136min.

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Movie Rating: Constantin Xenakis

Lars Von Trier directs this story about a wedding that goes awry as the end of the world approaches.

Justine and Michael are two hours late to their own wedding being held in an isolated château. With parents, colleague and friends all assembled, Justine's mother announces loudly she never thought the marriage would last. Justine keeps disappearing, which really annoys her sister Claire, who organized the event, and her brother-in-law John, a passionate astrologer who paid for most of the wedding. As their little world seems near disaster, real catastrophe looms over the rest of the world as the planet Melancholia hurtles towards Earth...

With Melancholia, Lars Von Trier promises to disturb audiences even more than with Antichrist. More annoying and nauseating than the blurry shots that jump all over the frame (using a Steadycam that makes it look like home movie) are the movie's depressing plot, pompous dialogues and pretentious style. Next to Melancholia, Transformers 3 is Citizen Kane. No point in accusing Hollywood or movie piracy to explain the negative impact of European auteur cinéma: the reason lies elsewhere, with this type of film as the best example.



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9 years ago

What a boring, depressing, horrible movie! It was hard to watch it until the end.


9 years ago

The director may well be cool and intellectual, and the acting may be dramatic (melodramatic) but the film is overdone and excrutiatingly boring. Good chance to catch up on sleep but otherwise a waste of the entrance fee. Nice house as location for filming

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