Mary & Johnny Switzerland 2011 – 79min.

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Mary & Johnny


Speakers blast and alcohol flows on Bellevue square, along the shores of Lake Zurich and the River Limmat. Soccer's World Cup is heading for the final and the «Zürifäscht» festival adds a carnival and party atmosphere. Two souls find and then lose each other: jobless Johnny (Philippe Graber) and lively Mary (Nadine Vinzens). Dark characters like the crooked Mischa, a slimy soccer manager, a psychopath and other party ghosts cross their path. The lovers break up, Johnny gets into trouble and Mary is led astray by an evil seducer.

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German Switzerland: 5. July 2012

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11 years ago

Promising start, but unbelievably bad by half-time. Nadine Vinzenz simply cannot act. An ordeal to sit through.


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