House of Tolerance France 2011 – 122min.

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House of Tolerance


In a luxurious brothel at the turn of the 19th century, business is carried out in sumptuous surroundings but the velvet doesn't hide the cruelty and sadism of what goes on inside. Each encounter is followed by another as they all become interchangeable. The champagne flows endlessly, the crystal sings and tears roll down powdered cheeks. The women live there as subjects to the rhythm of a carefully carried out and monotonous ritual. Women-only by day, the brothel is haunted by tired silhouettes passing in hushed halls. Every evening the game begins again, as the women doll themselves up and the men wear them back down again. The decline begins, the varnish cracks and the women are swept along as their world collapses.

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Romandie: 21. September 2011



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