Der Verdingbub Switzerland 2011 – 110min.

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Der Verdingbub

Movie Rating: Eduard Ulrich

Two foster children are used and abused by a Bernese farmer as cheap labor.

With no rights of their own, approximately 100,000 children were placed as cheap labor to work on Swiss farms when their parents died or were deemed unable to care for them. This horrible custom continued until after WWII. Its last victims are still alive, some of whom told their tragic stories to Markus Imboden, including his own father.

Swiss director Markus Imboden, who works mainly for the German television station ZDF, looks at a serious chapter in the history of his own country. Orphans and children of single mothers with no rights of their own were misused as cheap labor. A strong film about a serious subject that deserves to be seen by many.



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