Contagion USA 2011 – 105min.

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Action Sci-fi Thriller

Headaches, extreme fatigue, cough, fever, seizures and finally death: these are the symptoms suffered by those infected by a virus brought to America from a Hong Kong restaurant by a woman with a family. Once it begins to spread around the world, governments and the WHO attempt to stop the rapid flow of contagion. Among the millions of people struggling to survive are the husband (Matt Damon) of the first victim (Gwyneth Paltrow), who tries to save his daughter, a doctor (Kate Winslet) who has been infected herself, a WHO virologist (Marion Cotillard) sent to Hong Kong to find out where the virus came from, and a blogger (Jude Law) with millions of subscribers who denounces the scheming perpetrated by big pharma in the face of this devastating disease...

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German Switzerland: 29. September 2011

Romandie: 9. November 2011

Ticino: 30. September 2011



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