Winter's Bone USA 2010 – 100min.

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Winter's Bone

A teenager living in the Ozarks with her handicapped mother and younger siblings looks for her father, who's freshly out of jail.

Since the disappearance of her drug-dealing father after he got out of jail, 17-year-old Ree looks after her her handicapped mother and younger siblings in their isolated home in the Ozarks. When she finds out that daddy put the house up as collateral for his bail and that they all may be thrown out, she goes off in search of him, on the way having to deal with a series of enemy clans fighting over the methamphetamine trade in the area.

The second film by American director Debra Granik, Winter's Bone has been heaped with awards since its release, most notably in Berlin and at Sundance. A well-deserved compliment for this dark story of people usually reduced to “hillbilly” status in more superficial movies.



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9 years ago

Geht unter die Haut. Eiskalt und trostlos. Von wegen die Armut und Misere seien aus unseren Breitengraden verschwunden...

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