Unstoppable USA 2010 – 98min.

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Two railway workers desperately try to catch and stop a runaway train.

Frank, a veteran railway engineer and Will, a newbie train conductor, set off one morning to deliver a locomotive to a yard down the line. As they bicker back and forth, getting to know one another, at another yard two railway workers lose control of a freight train carrying toxic chemicals. As the runaway train gathers speed, Frank and Will realize they’re the only ones who may be able to stop it before it derails and contaminates an entire city.

Kudos go to the actors – Denzel Washington, Chris Pine and Lew Temple (with a small part as a welder that helps save the day) – who flesh out their superficial characters into interesting and believable people. In an attempt at depth, the leads are each given people at home to worry about – and to worry about them – but the story and the railway stunts are both completely foreseeable: there's never any real suspense. Ridley Scott's younger brother Tony directs this formulaic action flick that moves along a linear plotline, with a few explosions in between, in the same way the two trains rattle straight down the track.



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