Sanctum Australia, USA 2011 – 105min.

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After a tropical storm, a group of explorers find themselves stuck in the underwater caves of the South Pacific.

Franck McGuire is an experienced and self-assured diver preparing to explore the amazing and barely-known underwater Esa'ala Caves in the South Pacific. He takes along his 17-year-old son and a billionaire couple who have financed the expedition. As they explore the caves, a tropical storm forces them deep into the subterranean caverns, where the air threatens to run out as the water level rises. Soon their adventure turns into a nightmare: lost, without bearings, with limited resources and little oxygen, the divers have no other choice than to sink lower and lower into the underwater labyrinth to find a way out...

With James Cameron's name on the bill in return for the use of his 3D Avatar camera, Sanctum in no way operates on the same level as that popular movie. With pointless 3D stunts and a decidedly flat script, the ambiance is more that of a slightly retro TV movie that you'd watch if there was nothing better on.



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