How About Love Switzerland 2010 – 106min.

How About Love

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How About Love

A cardiac surgeon stays behind in Thailand to work in a refugee camp and becomes overwhelmed by his feelings.

A cardiac surgeon, Fritz Reinhart is successful and should be happy with his life in the beautiful city of Zurich. But when his mother dies, he distances himself from the hospital and goes to Thailand with his wife. Their destination is not beaches and culture, but rather a refugee camp on the Thai-Burmese border, where a disillusioned colleague works. As a surgeon, Fritz soon has much to do, falling for Saw Paw, a Burmese refugee, in the process. But she wants to return home, and Fritz won't give up his family.

Stefan Haupt's movie is solid but superficial on the domestic troubles of Myanmar. But this is a love story, so the focus is on that and social & cultural differences. Also starring a promising young talent from Winterthur, Catherine Wetzstein.



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