Goethe! Germany 2010 – 100min.


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The story of the one of Germany's greatest writers as a casual pop romance.

Not really getting anywhere with his law studies or his writing, Johann Wolfgang Goethe travels to Wetzlar to take position as a court clerk. At first unhappy, he soon feels better when he falls for the charming Lotte, who comes from a simple home. But she has been promised to Goethe's superior, who wants to stick him in jail. Which is all more than enough material for "The Sorrows of Young Werther", Goethe's immensely successful first novel.

Philipp Stölzl's (Nordwand) third feature is an unconventional biopic of one of Germany's greatest writers, in the form of a pop romance for those who had to suffer through endless analyses of "Faust" at school. Shakespeare in Love is an obvious influence; and if it doesn't match up with the latter's charm and banter, Goethe! shines with strong images, actors obviously enjoying themselves, and a high level of entertainment value.



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