Eine ruhige Jacke Switzerland 2010 – 74min.

Short description

Eine ruhige Jacke

Documentary Drama

Roman, is 28 and loves the forest. Mechanical movement fascinates him and he loves the sound of a chainsaw's motor. Suffering from autism, he doesn't speak and runs away if something is expected of him. Xaver, his therapist, struggles to teach him how to use a chainsaw, but Roman just likes the sound it makes. Each lesson is followed by “facilitated communication”, an attempt to interact with Roman, and he's given a camera to offer access to his world. Will the approach work?

Release date

German Switzerland: 22. December 2011

Romandie: 19. September 2012


Movie details

Writer: Ramon Giger

Cinematographer: Ramon Giger, Roman Dick

Producer: Ramon Giger

Distributor: Cineworx GmbH

Production: Vivìsue Film

ISAN-No. 0000-0002-B1DE-0000-3


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