Carlos the Jackal France, Germany 2010 – 188min.

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Movie Rating: Constantin Xenakis

Biopic of the most notorious terrorist in modern history: Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, a.k.a Carlos.

The son of a rich Venezuelan lawyer, Carlos studies in Moscow in the 1960's, becoming a mercenary for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestinian. Between 1973 and 1975, he commits a series of attacks in London and Paris against Israelis citizens, on December 21, 1975 kidnapping 11 OPEC ministers in Vienna by plane. Hunted by every Western secret service agency, he hides in the Middle East, from where he orchestrates several attacks in France starting in 1982...

A passionate course in modern history and a suspenseful 70's-style thriller, this documentary is stuffed with details but clear from end to end. Carlos, even in this version edited for theaters (the TV version is 338 minutes long!), is a masterpiece in line with Steven Spielberg's Munich and Barbet Schroeder's Terror's Advocate, two other films about terrorism in the 1970's.



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