Secret and Sacred: The Balinese Reincarnations Switzerland 2009 – 104min.

Short description

Secret and Sacred: The Balinese Reincarnations


After his brilliant The Oil Crash, Basil Gelpke went to Bali to make a TV documentary. What a contrast! While oil is one of the cornerstones of Western civilization, the Balinese value system is based on the immaterial. Through a photo book of journalist Gill Marais, whom he met on Bali, he was introduced to the island's secret rites. The result is a documentary that includes unique scenes of this archaic world – set in the photogenic backdrop of its tourist attractions.

Release date

German Switzerland: 25. November 2010

Romandie: 11. May 2011


Movie details

Cinematographer: Victor Lim

Producer: Valerie Lew

Distributor: Columbus Film

ISAN-No. 0000-0002-AF56-0000-7


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