Saw 5 Canada, USA 2008 – 92min.

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Saw 5

Action Crime Horror Mystery Thriller

In the fifth episode of the horror "Saw" franchise, its characters continue to suffer. As does the audience.

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German Switzerland: 15. January 2009

Romandie: 5. November 2008

Ticino: 5. December 2008

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14 years ago

I've enjoyed all of the Saw films, predictably liking some episodes a lot more than others, and Saw V is, again, very watchable, with some intense moments and no shortage of grisliness. But I'd still say it's the weakest entry in the series to date. The trouble is that the main narrative addition for this episode, which has to sustain half the running time, turns out to be a dramatically weak one. I don't think a Saw film ever previously failed to create excitement or new meaning via one of its big twisty revelations, but Saw V's add next to nothing.

As a horror film, this works, but don't expect Saw - and don't expect to be blown away by the ending, because it is nothing special. That said, if you're addicted to the Saw saga as so many of us are, there's no harm in going out to see it.

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