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A modern, off-the-wall reboot of 1001 Nights set in today’s and yesterday’s Portugal. Second in the 1001 Nights...

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Third and last in the modern trilogy of the stories of 1001 Nights. By Miguel Gomes.

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Diane Keaton cries at press conference

press bombarded the 58 year-old star of «Something's Gotta Give» with questions until she broke down in tears of frustration. Last Friday, Diane Keaton sat with Jack Nicholson

Diane Keaton's Hollywood boys

«Something's Gotta Give» may not have won Diane Keaton an Oscar, but at least she's got fond memories of hot Hollywood boyfriends to keep going. Diane Keaton's of ex-lovers is

Arrivederci, Mr. Ponti

Legendary Italian film producer and Mr. Sophia Loren, Carlo Ponti, dies at 94. Perhaps best known worldwide these days for being Sophia Loren's husband, Italian movie producer

Pedro Almodovar directs Carlos Leal

The former lead singer of Lausanne's rap group Sens Unik is working with Pedro Almodovar. According to several Swiss-German media outlets, Carlos Leal is due to start