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UK 2011
Comedy, Drama
5 1
They are old, they no longer work and for different reasons, their savings have disappeared. When they find an ad for a palace in India for the elderly and beautiful that promises a new life, they all decide to move there. Some to find love, some out of curiosity, some for nostalgia and some to have cheap surgery. While the young and ambitious manager of the palace (Dev Patel) does his best to hide the fact that the place is falling apart, the charming English tourists keep a stiff upper in the face of their not so good financial situations and decide to go along with the adventure since life is a privilege and not a right and those who don't come to realize they're just cutting themselves off from the fun. Go to movie review from Valrie Lobsiger

Director: John Madden

Release date: 15.03.2012 (German Switzerland) - 09.05.2012 (Romandie) - 30.03.2012 (Ticino)

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