Chappie Mexico, USA 2015 – 120min.

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Action Sci-fi Thriller

To fight crime, Johannesburg has implemented humanoid robots called Scouts, which were developed by a company call Tetravaal, headed by Michelle Bradley. Behind the invention is Deon Wilson, a gifted inventor largely ignored by the company, who is secretly working on a new form of artificial intelligence. He steals a damaged Scout to test his new creation, which he plans to educate like a child, pushing the boundaries of technology. But his plan goes awry when the Scout is kidnapped by thugs who want to use it in a robbery, and when his competitor Vincent Moore decides he wants it to sell as a weapon of destruction to the police…

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German Switzerland: 5. March 2015

Romandie: 4. March 2015

Ticino: 9. April 2015

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