The Hundred-Foot Journey India, USA 2014 – 124min.

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The Hundred-Foot Journey

Drama Romance

The Kadam family leaves India for a small village in the South of France to open an Indian restaurant across from the Saule Pleureur, a Michelin-starred restaurant. But Madame Mallory ( Helen Mirren ), the owner of the French gourmet establishment, declares war of the stoves on her new neighbors. Between beef bourguignon and chicken tikka, whoever has the most guests each night wins. Meanwhile, Marguerite ( Charlotte Le Bon ), sous-chef at the upscale restaurant, and Hassan ( Manish Dayal ), prodigal son and unparalleled chef of the Kadam family, come ever closer to one another…

Release date

German Switzerland: 21. August 2014

Romandie: 10. September 2014

Ticino: 9. October 2014

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9 years ago

Very predictable storyline -- to the point of being parody. Mitten looks great but has a poor script to get her teeth into. Talking of which, the food shots are generally wonderful. Indeed, the visuals in general are splendid but the writing is poor. 3 out of 5 because its heart is in the right place but perhaps watch with sound turned down?Show more

Kerri Frischknecht

9 years ago

Lighthearted, humourous, serious and beautiful. Gorgeous visuals and delightfully presented culinary masterpieces. Thank you


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