The Grand Budapest Hotel Germany, UK, USA 2014 – 99min.

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The Grand Budapest Hotel

Comedy Drama

Republic of Zubrowka, Central Europe. 1920. At the Grand Budapest Hotel, a plot is thickening, rife with love, murder, treason, war and art. Gustave H., the concierge of the palace, together with his lobby boy, are caught up in a bizarre adventure when one of his very rich conquests is found dead. Things get even more complicated when Gustave realizes she left him a priceless a painting, provoking the anger of her son.

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German Switzerland: 6. March 2014

Romandie: 26. February 2014

Ticino: 10. April 2014

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8 years ago

Oh man, I really can't argue the fact that Wes Anderson knows how to make an aesthetic impression. It's beautifully shot, the costumes, the make-up. Nearly everything. Now if it could just hold my attention throughout, then it'd 5 golden stars. I'm obviously not a fangirl and never will be. Pity that. It's not you, it's me.Show more


9 years ago

Excellent, funny with perfect cast and pictures. Great dish for all Wes Anderson lovers, but also for those, who love good, played on different levels, cinema.

Deleted member

9 years ago

This is a quirky movie & I loved it. A lot of really funny one liners, in fact I will see it again because I'm sure I missed some. A faultless cast, Ralph Fiennes shone as Gustave & despite his usual intense performance showed his apt capability to be ridiculously funny. Zero wonderfully portrayed by Tony Revolori doesn't really have to speak, his expressions say it all. Tilda Swinton is only on screen for a short time but for all that, she manages to make you remember her. I strongly recommend this movie.Show more


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