Star Trek Into Darkness USA 2013 – 132min.

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Star Trek Into Darkness

Action Adventure Sci-fi

An emergency meeting is called after a bombing at a Star Fleet installation, which is then attacked by the renegade John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch). Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) barely gets away and is assigned by Admiral Marcus (Peter Weller) to go after Harrison, who has escaped to the Klingon home world Qo'nos thanks to transwarp technology. But bringing him to justice may lead to a conflict with the Klingons and turn into an intergalactic war.

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German Switzerland: 9. May 2013

Romandie: 12. June 2013

Ticino: 12. June 2013

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10 years ago

Awesome Star Trek continuation. This series has legs and stands on its own 2 feet! Even with a re-worked storyline from an earlier ST film (also was an even earlier tv episode) this film doesnt require you to have seen the previous films and stands out on its own as a good film. Well worth the cinema experience! Wont be as well appreciated on the small screen.Show more


10 years ago

StarTrek fans will love it


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