The Hunger Games USA 2012 – 142min.

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The Hunger Games

Action Drama Sci-fi Thriller

In the country of Panem, the repressive government of the Capitol holds strict power over the Districts. Every year it organizes the «Hunger Games», a televised show in which two young people (called «tributes») from each of the 12 districts fight one another, with only one possible survivor. Primrose is selected, but her older sister Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence, after an excellent performance in Winter's Bone) volunteers to replace her. Secretly in love with Katniss, Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) finds himself chosen as well...

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German Switzerland: 22. March 2012

Romandie: 21. March 2012

Ticino: 1. May 2012

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12 years ago

If you are 12-18, enjoy movies that probably should have gone strait to VHS then Hunger Games is for you. Pretty average to the rest of mankind. Premise is also fairly ridiculous, but then again Twilight was absolutely ridiculous but that didn't stop the tween-centric FRANCHISE.

For example - "Reaping" that is just the kind of pseudo-future-retro babble that gets teenagers salivating at the mouth, ohhhh "Reaping" sounds SO EXOTIC.

This movie is a piece of turd. Don't believe the hype, leave it to the tweens and spend your money somewhere constructive. You have been warned.Show more


12 years ago



12 years ago

The Hunger Games, is an OK film. Unfortunatly, there's too many unreal scenes, and it's easy to predict the events. Just by watching the trailer, you already know how the movie will end.


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