Fraktus Germany 2012 – 95min.

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Documentary fiction: a producer pushes three techno has-beens to reform the group.

Music Roger Dettner tracks down three 80's stars from the group Fraktus, inventors of techno. Dirk Eberhard Schubert, lead singer of Fraktus, has founded an internet cafe... and is still too pleased with himself. Bernd Wand, sound experimentalist, lives with his parents and is in a band with them. Torsten Bage, however, is only in it for the money, living as a pop producer on the Baleares in arrogant opulence. After convincing Dirk and Bernd to reestablish Fraktus, Roger takes them to Ibiza to work on Torsten. Their reunion is fraught with rancor, childishness and animosity. Will Fraktus make their way back to the top?

Director Lars Jessen's makes a German version of This is Spinal Tap, albeit with more back story than Rob Reiner's 1984 classic. With three actual albums released between 2006-2012, the artists Studio Braun set the stage for this pseudo-documentary. The result comes nowhere near Reiner's brilliant original: although it constantly rails against show business, the movie is obviously trying too hard to become a hit to be taken seriously.

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German Switzerland: 21. February 2013

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