We Need to Talk About Kevin UK, USA 2011 – 110min.

Short description

We Need to Talk About Kevin

Drama Thriller

Eva obstinately and patiently raises her adolescent son Kevin, who has been angry since childhood. But the boy knows how to get what he wants by showing different faces: while manipulating and cynical in front of his mother, he is tender and understanding with his father. As he grows up, he begins to show real signs of violence – both controlled and buried - which threaten to explode. He becomes increasingly cruel, until one day his actions escalate and he does the worst. But his mother stands by him, trying to understand the son she still loves. Paying every day for her son's deeds and accepting responsibility, she lives through a hell where the blood her son has spilled runs endlessly.

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German Switzerland: 1. March 2012

Romandie: 28. September 2011

Ticino: 16. March 2012

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12 years ago

Terrifying and moving. Tilda Swinton is brilliant.


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