Starbuck Canada 2011 – 103min.

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David Wosniak donated his sperm under the name Starbuck for two years in return for some very decent money. 20 years later, when his girlfriend tells him she pregnant, he finds out through a lawyer from the clinic he donated to so regularly that he is already the father of no less than 533 children, 142 of whom want to meet him as part of the agreement he signed with every cup. Armed with the letters they sent him asking him to reveal himself to them, David goes to meet them incognito. His aim is to put a face to the children who may give him the wish and courage to tell them who he is, despite the opposing advice given to him by his friend and his lawyer, who figures he should plead dementia in the face of such unusual generosity...

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German Switzerland: 16. August 2012

Romandie: 22. August 2012



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