The King's Speech Australia, UK 2010 – 118min.

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The King's Speech


Charged by his father, George V of Britain, to give a speech on the newly invented radio, the Duke of York stutters his way through it unsuccessfully. After this fiasco, his loving wife decides to find a specialist to help him with his stammer. A few are consulted, tried out and found wanting, and finally the choice rests with a failed Shakespearean actor turned speech therapist with a shabby practice, who insists on treating this elite member of the royal family as an equal, going so far as to call him «Bertie»...

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German Switzerland: 17. February 2011

Romandie: 2. February 2011

Ticino: 28. January 2011

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12 years ago

Fantastic performances and superb movie, a must-see!


12 years ago

Superb! Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth lend their roles such gravitas and credibility for their respective characters.


12 years ago

A must see! All actors fantastic, spectacular photography and decorations


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