Letters to Juliet USA 2010 – 105min.

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Letters to Juliet

Comedy Drama Romance

Sophie imaged her pre-honeymoon would be more romantic. But when her fiancé keeps leaving her on her own, she goes off to discover Verona by herself. She finds a 50-year-old love letter under Juliet's balcony, answers it - and meets its author, now an old lady, who soon returns to Verona to find her lost love. She brings along her grandson, whom Sophie finds intolerable. The trio nevertheless goes in search of the letter's intended recipient...

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German Switzerland: 19. August 2010



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10 years ago

it was ok!!! at the start i dident no what the hell was going an!!! after 15 min i got it.... it was ok... there wasent anything about it that was spectaculer... it was ok tehre was no reall drama in that film nothing that made u cry or go... oooo oo nooo..!!! it was yeaahhh ok


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