Nachgift Switzerland 2009 – 71min.

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For over a year, Remo Legnazzi's camera followed four participants in a prescription heroin program in Bern: Michel, Evelyne, Markus and Susanne - whose pasts have left their marks on all of them. The film tracks them doggedly and is full of surprises. Michel is completely off drugs and has become a stone sculptor. Evelyne is well-integrated, managing the kitchen and purchases for a community restaurant - and 11 years later still receives a weekly dose of heroin as part of the program. Markus is an HIV+ swimming teacher. Susanne gave up her dream of a family long ago: she is now dependent on alcohol and methadone. [Pressetext]

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German Switzerland: 25. February 2010

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ISAN-No. 0000-0002-0963-0000-H


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7 years ago

And who was responible for the music in this film????


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