The Dust of Time France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Russia 2008 – 125min.

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The Dust of Time

Documentary Drama

Drama about a Greek-American director trying to shoot a movie about his parents in Rome.

Release date

German Switzerland: 15. October 2009

Romandie: 13. January 2010

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14 years ago

Yes, this film is bland, pointless and badly acted. Including Defoe. I really don't know why the director is called "masterful". Some scenes are unreal: for example, one character is turned away from the camera, showing his back to it, while talking to a lady who's facing the camera, and his voice sounds as clear and loud as hers. Another example: a street riot ends in a gang member being knived, and the killer, another gang member, immediate after inserting the knife portrays dramatic surprise, just before dropping the knife in a feminine movement---out of context. And so on. Calling the director masterful is disrespecting the public.Show more


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