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Bahnhofplatz 11
5200 Brugg


3775 Lenk

Gare De Lion Cinematographe

Gare De Lion Kulturbahnhof Wil Silostrasse 10
9500 Wil

Pathé Flon

Pathé Flon Rue de Genève
1003 Lausanne

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New release for Walt Disney's now famous animated feature. It has become an unmissable classic.

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Adam Sandler gets it a little too rough

American couple (Adam Sandler and Téa Leoni) hire a Mexican housekeeper who turns their lives upside down. There's plenty of romance, too, with some serious consequences for Sandler

Anthony Hopkins to play Leon Tolstoy

, American presidents John Quincy Adams and Richard Nixon, Adolf Hitler and Yitzhak Rabin, Anthony Hopkins is ready to take on another great figure in world history: Leon Tolstoy. The

Queer Lion

, Marco Müller, explained his choice: «I decided to support the Queer Lion proposal (...) because it represents the recognition of established visual culture that is consistently avantgarde as an art».

Sergio Leone: 20 years already

On April 30th 1989, maverick Italian director Sergio Leone passed away. Here comes the 20th death anniversary of the creator of Spaghetti Westerns. Rarely has a filmmaker's