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A new Marvel superhero and future Avenger: Ant-Man, who has the ability to shrink. Starring Paul Rudd.

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Fruit of the forbidden love between a mortal and the devil, a brave Scandinavian warrior tries to overcome...

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Hugh Grant sings! Rom-com about a faded 80's pop star making a comeback.

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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

narrative is exclusively in Chinese but also due to the depiction of mythical landscapes. Ang Lee cleverly constructs a juxtaposition of slow, almost meditative dialogue with

The Hulk

he gets angry. Taiwan's Ang Lee has avoided the usual action flick in favor of an emotional drama about a tragic monster – more Frankenstein than Godzilla. Unfortunately, the story often bores and the special effects are somewhat lacking.

Hope Springs

Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones go to a sex therapist: comedy by The Devil Wears Prada director David Frankel. Even the most devoted spouse has her limits. Kay Soames

Count Dracula at Virgin Megastore

Dracula is rising again in Wes Craven’s glossy horror spoof. With Johnny Lee Miller and Jeri Ryan.

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Leo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz need remedial sex lessons

New York« speculate that love scenes between DiCaprio and Diaz had a decided chill. »Marty thought that some of the scenes between Leo and Cameron just didn't work. But some people

«Un petit jeu sans conséquence» for Ang Lee

«, »Brokeback Mountain« and »Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon«, Ang Lee has now been tapped to take over on the project. Prior to doing so, he will have to complete »Lust, Caution*«, a thriller about Shanghai in the Second World War.

Too many sex scenes in the latest Ang Lee movie

The latest movie by Ang Lee, the maker of «Brokeback Mountain», has received an NC-17 rating in the United States. A drama set in 1940 during the Sino-Japanese war, «*Lust

Naomi Campbell and Spike Lee

The curvaceous supermodel Naomi Campbell will act in the next Spike Lee movie. In his war movie soon to be filmed in Italy, the maker of «Do the Right Thing» pays homage to