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USA 2013
Action, Drama, Sci-fi, Thriller
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In 2159, the poor survive miserably in Earth's overpopulated slum-like mega-cities and a privileged few on Elysium, a perfect oasis in outer space where sickness and danger are no longer an issue. After suffering a terrible accident in the factory he works at on earth, creating robots for the wealthy population of Elysium, one citizen's only hope of survival is to reach the forbidden Promised Land. Striking a deal with a slumlord, he is given a robotic skeleton-like armour and departs for Elysium carrying not only his hope, but that of millions, in the chance at a new life. Go to movie review from Beatrice Thomas

Director: Neill Blomkamp

Release date: 15.08.2013 (German Switzerland) - 14.08.2013 (Romandie) - 29.08.2013 (Ticino)

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