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News | Tue, 24.11.2009
Favored over Los Angeles and London, the small town of Corsier-sur-Vevey hosts a museum dedicated to Charlie Chaplin.
News | Mon, 23.11.2009
Released this week around the world, "Twilight: New Moon" destroys all other movies in its path.
News | Fri, 20.11.2009
Movies titles are increasingly devised to appear at the top of the list on Google. Here are a few examples.
News | Thu, 19.11.2009
Will Ferrell heads the Forbes list of actors who offer the lowest returns on investment.
News | Wed, 18.11.2009
A film about the birth of environmental group Greenpeace is in the works.


Vu sur le net | Wed, 10.10.2007
Pub annonšant la nouvelle saison de la sÚrie Prison Break.