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Dans la maison

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France 2012
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A French teacher tired of his mediocre class, Germain (Fabrice Luchini) turns his full attention to one pupil who hands in the beginning of what could become a book. In response to the assignment How I Spent My Weekend, Claude (Ernst Umhauer) worms his way into the home of one of his classmates and writes a sarcastic description of this middle-class family. Deciding to return regularly, the young man uses the writing advice given him by his teacher, applying the man's dubious methods. Captivated by this form of voyeurism, the teacher is soon overwhelmed by both the situation and the attitude of his pupil, who is ready to test new limits... Go to movie review from Agathe Tissier

Director: Franois Ozon

Release date: 08.11.2012 (German Switzerland) - 10.10.2012 (Romandie)

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