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A couple faces challenges during the Great Depression. Third collaboration between Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley...

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The wolf pack tries desperately to save one of their friends. Again.

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A look at the lives of 8 couples in Los Angeles on Valentine's Day.

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After falling in love with a charming young woman, a confirmed bachelor suspects his parents of having hired...

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Ricci dreams of Depp

he was already 27. «That's anoher thing that makes it hard for me to imagine us being together.» But one thing is certain for Ricci: there is no one cooler in the whole of

Nolte's neighbors complain about the noise

Brawley who had to tell him to tone it down: «All of a sudden, he tapped me on the shoulder and scared me out of my skin. I said, 'What, what, what, what Son?' And he said, 'You're too noisy.'»

Maria Schell dies

Mastroianni, Richard Brooks' adaptation of Dostoyevsky's «The Brothers Karamazov» in 1958 and the western «The Hanging Tree» opposite Gary Cooper in 1959. In the seventies, Maria Schell