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Bill Clinton goes to Hollywood

During the eight years of his reign, Bill Clinton must have made as many enemies in the world as friends in the American film industry. He never made a sour face when invited to

«Bad Santa» Billy Bob

Billy Bob Thornton, husband of Angelina Jolie, is about to take on the part of a criminal Santa Claus. He seems to stick to his motto not to limit himself to one type. His ability

«Kill Bill» was Uma's big idea

, «Kill Bill», is avidly being awaited by audiences everywhere. But the bizarre idea for the blood-rich movie came not from the director, but from lead actor Uma Thurman – over

Hangover: a hefty bill

How much would the fun of «Hangover» really cost? Vegas showman Jack Safin tallies up the bill. One of the funniest comedies to come out of the US lately, the spectacularly