Der Schein-Heilige Guru USA 1998 – 114min.


Der Schein-Heilige Guru


Ricky Hayman (GOLDBLUM) seems to lead the sort of life that would turn most men green with envy. A top executive at the Good Buy Shopping Network (GBSN), Ricky lives in a beautiful Miami apartment, drives a flashy convertible, wears custom-made suits and dates a different gorgeous woman every night. When it comes to life, for Ricky, what's not to love?

A lot, actually. He also faces a staggering pile of bills, and suffers from a stress-induced ulcer to go with the all that high living. The fragile balancing act that is his daily existence seems about to come crashing down around him, when GBSN's new owner, Mr. McBainbridge (ROBERT LOGGIA), appears with media analyst Kate Newell (KELLY PRESTON) to assess the network's sagging financial prospects.

Aware that his job is on the line, Ricky desperately needs an innovative idea to boost his network's sales or else it's poof! Goodbye glitzy life-style, hello unemployment line!

Enter 'G' (Eddie Murphy), an itinerant 'holy man,' on a personal spiritual pilgrimage. A chance encounter with 'G' causes a light bulb to go on over the frazzled Ricky's head. Why not give the charismatic and inspirational street guru his own TV show? What better way to make shopping via the tube a truly 'religious' experience? If everything goes right, 'G' could be bigger than Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker(put together! [Pressetext]


Deutschschweiz: 11. Juni 1999

Romandie: 11. August 1999

Tessin: 30. April 1999



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