Arthouse Movie, Zürich

Arthouse Movie

Nägelihof 4
8001 Zürich


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A Rainy Day in New York

Comedy, Romance

The romantic weekend plans of a young couple in New York get balked by a famous director.

13:30, 18:05

Viewing room 2 – E/gf16/10Y.

Als Hitler das rosa Kaninchen stahl


Berlin, 1933: To escape the Nazis, Anna and her family have to flee to Switzerland.


Viewing room 1 – G10/6Y.

Knives Out

Crime, Mystery, Thriller

15:30, 20:10

Viewing room 2 – E/gf12/8Y.

Le mystère Henri Pick

Comedy, Drama

A publisher in Brittany takes on manuscripts that have been wrongfully rejected.

13:40, 18:20, 20:30

Viewing room 1 – F/g14/8Y.

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Viewing room 1

113 Capacity

Dolby 3D Digital, Dolby Digital

Viewing room 2

161 Capacity

Dolby Digital