Chris Evans




Christopher Evans or Chris Evans may refer to:

- Chris Evans (ice hockey) (1946-2000), Canadian professional ice hockey player

- Chris Evans (Australian politician) (born 1958), member of the Australian Senate

- Chris Evans (footballer) (born 1962), Welsh footballer and manager

- Chris Evans (presenter) (born 1966), British broadcaster

- Chris Evans (artist) (born 1967), British artist

- Chris Evans (British politician) (born 1976/77), British Labour Co-operative politician

- Chris Evans (actor) (born 1981), American actor

- Chris Tally Evans, British artist, director and writer

- Christopher Evans (outlaw) (1847-1917), American train robber

- Christopher Evans (theologian) (1909-2012), English chaplain and theologian

- Christopher Evans (computer scientist) (1931-1979), British computer scientist, psychologist and writer on pseudo-science

- Christopher Evans (author) (born 1951), British author of science fiction and children's books

- Christopher Leith Evans (born 1954), American artist

- Christopher Evans (businessman), British biotech entrepreneur

- Christopher Evans (musician) (born 1987), Ugandan composer, vocalist and entertainer

- Chris Evans (American football), American football running back for the University of Michigan

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