Ben Whishaw




Ben Whishaw, born 14 October 1980, is an English actor. He is a graduate of RADA. Whishaw is best known for his breakthrough role as Hamlet and is turning up on several film projects including Tom Tykwer's Perfume and the new Bob Dylan biopic.

Background & early theatre work

Wishaw grew up in Bedfordshire, and attended the Bancroft Players Youth Theatre at Hitchin's Queen Mother Theatre.

During his time with the group, he first rose to prominence during collaborations with their offshoot theatre company, Big Spirit. He was involved in many productions - perhaps most notably, If This Is A Man (also performed as The Drowned & The Saved).

This was a piece devised by the company based on the book of the same name by Primo Levi, one of the few survivors of Nazi prisoner of war camps in World War II. This harrowing & moving book was adapted into a physical theatre piece by the group and taken to the 1995 Edinburgh Festival where it garnered 5-star reviews and great critical acclaim.

Whishaw played the character of Levi in this and subsequent productions of the show.

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