Bauer & Dr House = Blake & Mortimer

Constantin Xenakis
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The movie industry discovers the francophone tradition of «bandes-dessinées» comics.

Bauer & Dr House = Blake & Mortimer

TV stars Hugh Laurie, alias «Dr House», and Kiefer Sutherland, the star of «24», will team up for «The Yellow Mark» as Blake and Mortimer in the adaptation of the popular Belgian comic by Edgar P. Jacobs.

With the onslaught of adaptations of American comics and graphic novels cresting recently, the movie industry is turning its attention to the francophone tradition of «bandes-dessinées». A film version of «Tintin» is currently being shot by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, and now Spanish director Alex de la Iglesia plans to film «The Yellow Mark» – a Belgian comic book published in 1953.

De la Iglesia himself announced the news during the Malaga Film Festival, which runs until April 25.

22. April 2009

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