The Irishman USA 2019 – 209min.

There is no movie review in English, however, there is one in DE

Häuserstreichen mit Stil

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3 years ago

A fascinating mix of dark Mafia narrative and old-style Boston trade union gangsterism featuring Pacino, De Niro and Keitel. You'll know from that whether this is your thing or not. It is my thing, and I greatly enjoyed it. It has all the ingredients you expect, and want, from the genre. Main complaint is that it meandered a bit. 3.5 hours was too long. Like a succulent cake, deliciously rich but you don't want too much of it. The technical interest was the computerised de-ageing of the stars. Not entirely successful IMO. Not an Oscar winner, but a top-class film that just about about makes it onto the same table as Goodfellas, Casino, and the rest.Show more


3 years ago

Scorsese se fait vieux. Il aurait pu nous raconter cette histoire en deux heures. Est- ce les contraintes de format pour Netflix ? Est-ce le genre qui est un peu éculé? On s'ennuie un peu. En tout cas on est loin de "Casino" ou des "Affranchis".

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