Once Upon a Time in Hollywood UK, USA 2019 – 159min.

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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Action Comedy Crime Drama Thriller

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German Switzerland: 15. August 2019

Romandie: 14. August 2019

Ticino: 18. September 2019



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2 months ago

To make money from a person who was murdered is totally out of question. Sharon Tate has always fascinated me and I am a big fan of her but she does not deserve to get to known from the massacre.. I wish Sharon would at least be recognized by her beauty and her wonderful soul. She deserves so much more. Rest in peace dear Sharon. <3 Nimakarpo DharmaShow more


2 months ago

First of all, you shouldn’t include spoilers in your comments. More important — Have you actually seen this movie? Sharon Tate is treated with love and respect —
probably the most sympathetic character in the entire movie. Try seeing the film before you comment.


2 months ago

@drewla2 Well, it is not really a Spoiler what happened to Sharon Tate.


1 month ago

@theboch have you seen the movie?


1 month ago

@drewla2 Yes and that is why in hindsight I do even more not understand your comment about the spoiler.


1 month ago

@theboch Because there are people who would prefer to see a movie without knowing its key themes, and Tarantino has been at pains to request that this part of the narrative is not discussed in reviews. More important, the movie is not actually about what the other poster, or you, seem yo think — but I can’t explain that comment without disclosing the extraordinary plot twist at the end. That’s why I ask if you’ve seen the film. Your comment makes no sense if you’ve seen it. The Tate character is a loving and respectful portrait.Show more


2 months ago

As a depiction of Hollywood in the sixties, Tarantino's latest is a masterpiece. My only complaint is that a few scenes could have been cut but the cinematic quality is magnificent, and the ending, which I mustn't talk about, is as shocking as I'd expected -- but in a totally different way from the way I'd expected. You have to see it to make sense of that. Highly recommended.Show more


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