Black Panther USA 2018 – 135min.

There is no movie review in English, however, there is one in DE

Brücken statt Mauern

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2 years ago

best film ever


2 years ago

It's a good movie with great visuals and is different from most marvel movies. The villain is not the usual one dimensional character, we are used to seeing in previous marvel films, but he is relatable and one can sympathise with him. Surely he is not as interesting and flushed out like Loki but few are.Show more


2 years ago

The film Black Panther embraced me as a family member would who I haven't seen for a long time. I left the theater feeling rejuvenated, proud, encouraged, uplifted, and "full of myself"...The film reminded me of my lineage...proud, accomplished, intelligent, beautiful, faithful, enduring, persevering, and awesome people of royal lineage.Show more

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