Ôtez-moi d'un doute Belgium, France 2017 – 100min.

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Ôtez-moi d'un doute

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Erwan’s life is turned upside down by an unexpected revelation: his father is not his biological father. Despite the feelings he has for the man who raised him, Erwan decides to discreetly investigate his real dad. This turns out to be Joseph, a charming older man whom he likes very much. At the same time, he falls under the spell of Anna, whom he meets by chance. Except that Anna is his half-sister...

Otez-moi d’un doute got good reviews at the Cannes Film Festival during the Directors' Fortnight. It would therefore be natural to expect a good movie, but instead it’s disappointing. Director Carine Tardieu (La Tête de maman, Du vent dans mes mollets) has assembled an excellent cast (François Damiens, Cécile de France), but the movie lacks depth and would need a clearer identity to really be successful. With bland dialogue, no truly engaging characters, ordinary situations and staging, and unexceptional writing (the motif of omnipresent paternity, the man who researches his past at work but doesn’t get to its roots), the movie is a mix of humor, slapstick and serious moments, with a result that is only moderately satisfactory.



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