Transformers: The Last Knight USA 2017 – 148min.

Short description

Transformers: The Last Knight

Action Adventure Sci-fi Thriller

In the wake of many clashes between the transformers, the majority of the governments on Earth have declared the robots illegal, putting a military force in charge of eliminating them. When an autobot ship crashes into Chicago, Cade Yeager, accompanied by the faithful Bumblebee, tries to rescue them. One of the robots gives Cade a mysterious talisman. Cade does not suspect that he will soon have to face Optimus Prime, who is under the control of an evil force arriving from space, which is determined to find an artifact hidden on Earth for 2,000 years...

Release date

German Switzerland: 22. June 2017

Romandie: 28. June 2017

Ticino: 22. June 2017



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