The Circle United Arab Emirates, USA 2017 – 110min.

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The Circle

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Mae is more than happy when she gets an interview for a job at The Circle. Thanks to her friend Annie, who has an important position there, she will finally have a chance to join one of the most powerful companies in the world, which specializes in new technologies and social media. Mae enters a fantastic universe led by Eamon Bailey, who shares his vision of a more democratic and humane world. Gradually carried away by this energy, Mae experiences the magic of The Circle, even as she begins to lose all sense of reality...

The Circle by James Ponsoldt (The Spectacular Now) has an old-school TV movie feel. Mainly because Emma Watson again confirms the limits of her talents with a performance that lacks depth and nuance. The staging is also very flat, but the issues the movie takes on are especially weak. The dangers of social networks, the disappearance of privacy, the pull of an obscure powerful society: it’s all worthy of a 90s B-thriller. At a time when the TV series Black Mirror is tackling the same subjects with a thousand times more intelligence and inventiveness, The Circle is at best amusing and but unnecessary. Mainly it’s a cheesy flick that doesn’t offer much.



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