The Big Short USA 2015 – 130min.

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The Big Short

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Wall Street, 2005. An expert in hedge funds, Michael Blurry analyzes the real estate market and realizes that the system is about to collapse. Taken for a fool by all banks and shareholders, he decides to take advantage of this future crisis and get rich, while no one else is able to imagine such a catastrophe. But he is soon joined by three others while the big banks, the media and the government remain oblivious...

The Big Short starts off very, very badly, with a hysteria reminiscent of Oliver Stone that multiplies and accumulates images and special effects to hide the emptiness behind it – with lots of talking, gesticulating and worrying. Then, the movie gradually becomes balanced, finding itself in the last part. The Big Short is nonetheless a shaky and very odd film, in both a good and bad way: it is an ambitious movie directed by king of comedy Adam McKay (director of Anchorman, co-writer of Ant-Man), starring Christian Bale, Steve Carrell, Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt, and offering an inspiring vision of the crisis, using humor as a weapon to create a portrait of a sick culture, but it fails in its excessive ambitions and material.



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5 years ago

It was fun to watch and get a new insight into financial market mechanisms. Well defined characters, hustle and bustle of Wall Street and great music make this movie also enjoyable. But after the screening I was left without any emotions, the movie was focus on financial mechanism but was separated from real people and their problems and daily struggle.Show more

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